🚀🤖 Inspiration - Envisioning a Future with AI and robotics 🤖🚀

I am a master’s student at NYU, specializing in computer vision and robotics. I am keen on creating vision-based systems that can enhance human performance and efficiency in various domains. aspire to work in industries that leverage these technologies, such as drones, manufacturing, and autonomous navigation.

I am currently working on the problem of Visual Place Recognition (VPR), which is the task of matching a view of a place with a different view of the same place taken at different times. I am researching and analyzing how sequential information affects the performance of VPR algorithms.

In addition to my technical skills, I have a broad range of interests in politics, economics, and personal finance. These interests enable me to assess the social impact of innovations and to balance cutting-edge R&D with ethical considerations. I believe this is essential for creating a brighter future for humanity.